Hey friends! I am so excited about this! Here is a video I had the pleasure of filming while I was in Japan concerning Chi Alpha Japan! It features Chi Alpha: Japan Director & AG Missionary Joyce Kitano, Missionary Susan Ricketts, and student leader Anna Shen#missiontoJapan #checkitout#Canacreate

Produced by Justin Chase Canavan

Music by Techno Axe

©2014 Canacreate Studios

In Association with EU Films

Two Jersey guys from the 1940s battle it out over whose coffee is better. It features Joseph Barnes and Justin Chase Canavan.

Produced by Justin Chase Canavan.

©2014 Canacreate Productions.

"What Time is It, Mr. Wolf" is a game my team played with a bunch of preschoolers at Nozomi Preschool in Hidaka, Saitaka, Japan. It features Andrew Melton, Chris Harlos, Alletha Barnett, Rachael Heistand, Nicole Bowman, Grace Bayer, Lane Backstrom, and the Nozomi Preschoolers students and workers.

Produced by Justin Chase Canavan. 

Music by Techno Axe.

©2014 Canacreate Studios.

Find out more about “Mission to Japan: The Documentary” at www.justinchasecanavan.com/missiontoJapan.